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He knows if you’ve been bad or good…

So I don’t know about the rest of you with kids, but sometimes this season can bring out the worst in mine. Perhaps it’s the excitement, perhaps they are just really hopped up on candy canes. Anyway, this weeks “naughty” came in the form of Theo spitting gum into his sisters hair. I heard the commotion as something like this:

S: Sniffle, sniffle, I’m telling mommy!
T: Just let me get it!
S: No! I’m going to mommy!

At which time I walked into the hall to see Sadie with gum in her hair, being chased by Theo, who was HOLDING SCISSORS!

As part of his punishment he had to write 5 reasons it is not a good idea to put gum in someone’s hair. In the true spirit of the season, I am now sharing that excellent piece of writing with you.

I just love this, I hope you do too. And if you are wondering, gum comes out of hair with a little peanut butter.

Birthday Post Script

I forgot to mention this in my Birthday post:
When we were lighting all of the candles on my cake, I made a snide comment to the effect of,
“I hope I don’t catch on fire, with all these candles!”
at which point my son looked up at me in all seriousness and said:
“Don’t worry Mommy, if you do just: Stop, Drop, and Roll!”