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Reference + Family Fun = Awesome!

So if you’ve poked around here at all, you might get the idea that I’m into vintage graphics. Especially vintage children’s graphics.
Well, right, and right again.

The internet is a wondrous place with a load of great imagery to sift through of course, but a jem of a website that I came across a few years ago is Kiddie Records Weekly. Basically once a week for about 4 years, these awesome people have been uploading a vintage children’s record, complete with graphics to this site. Not only can you have a look through their archive of album covers, but you can download or stream the audio files ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! How awesome is that? (Ok, I’m listening to the “Flying Mouse” as I type this)

Here are some of my favorite images found in the archives of Kiddie Records Weekly:

Say what you will about Disney, they have a long history of amazing graphics. “the Flying Mouse” and “Elmer Elephant” are two of my favorites.

I love the flat graphic quality of this Eagle and the Thrush cover. The birds of course are lovely, but the bunny and pie-head squirrel are equally great!

Grumpy Shark is awesome! Is it the illustration of the shark, the border or the color scheme? I don’t know, but I may be listening to this one next!

Here is a beautiful Christmas cover. I love the line art in the wings.

More freaky than anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables are these anthropomorphic clothes, shoes and socks. Look how happy the family is. You think they would run screaming. I mean my room is generally a mess, but when the clothes get up and dance by themselves, it is WAY PAST time to clean! (But a fine use of the typeface “Hobo”!)

This is another really outstanding cover. The juxtaposition of the line art with the filled in bear is really fabulous. And is the girl with the bear? I may need to listen to find out what is going on here.

After all of the brightly illustrated covers, this one stands out with it’s simplicity. A simply beautiful cover. And orange. With polka dots. And monkeys. What’s not to love?

Okay, those are my favorites. Now go download and listen to a few yourself!