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Dining in the Retro Land of Awesome

So I’ve been distracted and busy lately and have ideas swimming for blog posts, but no time to stop and get them down. This though, I just had to tell you all about. Friday, in celebration of Husband getting through another 2 weeks of employment, we made a treck out to Chris & Pitts Barbecue in Bellflower.

Now first notice the color scheme. You may not know this, but I am rather fond of a red and aqua blue color scheme.

Add to that the entire building is painted faux wood log cabin. LOVE that.

And then at night it is all lit up like Christmas. I love Christmas too.

These are the folks (sounds right to call ’em that) that bring the BBQ sauce to your supermarket shelves. Anyhow, we had been there before, but it had been 8 years, and the recollection was dim. Well, let me tell you, if you haven’t been you need to go. Not only fabulous ribs, (bypass all the other nonsense, this is a BBQ joint after all, go for the ribs!) (I did make the mistake of ordering the chicken and rib combo, but next time: just ribs.) but also the best Vanilla shake I have EVER had. I was strategically placed between son Theo, (chocolate shake) and daughter Sadie (vanilla) and for a vanilla to trump a chocolate – well it was phenomenal. Seriously.

What are you waiting for? Go!