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Results of the Color Wheel Challenge

After several delays, I am happy to share the results of the Color Wheel Challenge begun way back in February (!) They will be listed in order of appearance.

My former student (FS) Andrea Ueda (who’s genius started it all), had the first submission.

The supremely talented Nancy Chiu (FS) posted this loveliness.

Then my son Theo’s submission, from his matchbox cars.

And my daughter Sadie made a colorful spiral out of squishies.

Mine was all Pup & Pony Press, I just had to come up with 2 new illustrations. Can you figure out who is new?

And Jonathan Torres (FS) had a disco moment with this submission.
(But Torres, we’re still waiting for that piñata to dry)

Ivan Lopes (FS) sent this colorful flock of owls.

Torres (FS) once again teased us with promises of piñatas.

Wilmer Gonzalez was my hero as my only current student to step up to the challenge!

My friend Linda Mank recently moved away to Seattle, and unpacked a box of books for this challenge.

Lizzy Duke and David Tucker combined their talents for this tasty “Color Wheel Frittata”

It was even more colorful before cooking!

Remo Bangayan (FS) sent another scrumptious color wheel.

And last but never least, former student and fellow designer/letterpress printer Cat Realce put her design books to work. I believe Cat also moved to Seattle recently. Interesting. Seattle=Books?

What did I learn from hosting this challenge?
1)It was fun for me, I like a challenge.
2) Sometimes people have better intentions than follow through. (T, K, A, J, A, M, I, L & B, I’m talking to you!) It’s OK, life gets busy, I know.
3) I’m still waiting for the Piñata.

Thanks to all who played along!

Color Wheel Challenge!

Inspired by this super happy color wheel created by friend and former student of mine, Andrea Ueda, a few of us thought it might be fun to have a color wheel challenge.

The rules are simple. Create a color wheel. Any medium. Be creative. All primary, secondary, and tertiary colors should be present.
(Yellow, yellow-orange, orange, red-orange, red, red-violet, violet, blue-violet, blue, blue-green, green, yellow-green.)

Why? Because we like you, & we like color too. Post your images to my wall: and I will cross post it here.
When? I’m giving you until March 15th people. Get going, I can’t wait to see what you do!