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Great summer reading

Picture 42Picture 43So, I just read my two favorite books of the summer, or of the year really. If you need a good summer read, (you have a couple weeks left) look no further.

The first book is The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.
This book is narrated by Enzo, the pet dog of race car driver Denny Swift. As Denny’s life goes through some tragic rough times, it is Enzo that gives us the play by play and, along with it, insight into what it means to live and love. You will laugh, you may cry, and you’ll probably never look at your dog the same way again.
My second recommendation is The House at Riverton by Kate Morton.
This book takes place at an english country estate in the years surrounding World War One. The story, of hidden passions and family secrets, is told in a series of flashbacks by a former servant living on the property, and now a 98 year old living in a nursing home. I loved the time period of the book, reading of the changing morals of the edwardian era giving way to the roaring twenties, and the clothes and the decor of those eras as well. I found it an entertaining story and I liked the ending as well.
Give them a try. Let me know what you think.

Hot off the press!

Third color on press

Third color on press

After I came home from the boat/bike ride, I started printing myself some business cards. Because, what could be better after a long ride on a heavy bike then treadling a press? Anyway, I finished them today, and here they are:
The official card of Pup & Pony Press

The official card of Pup & Pony Press

A Cool Ride

Yesterday, my son reminded his dad that we have been wanting to take a ride on the Aqua Link. Long Beach is named for its five and a half miles of coastline, and the Aqua Link is part of the citys’ transportation system. It links the east Alamitos Bay area with the west Rainbow Harbor area, by boat. As we live in the east end of Long Beach, we thought it would be fun to ride our bikes to the Alamitos Bay Aqua Link dock, take the boat with our bikes to the west end of the city, and ride home down the bike path on the beach.
What a great day it was! The boat ride is only $5.00, and takes you first up the Long Beach coastline, where we got to see seals lounging on buoys, and an up close view of the off shore oil islands. Our first stop was by the Queen Mary, an historic ocean liner and WWII troopship. The view from the water was fantastic! The second stop is at Shoreline Village and the Aquarium of the Pacific, where we and our bikes got off. The nice thing about taking the bike path down the beach from that end of town, is that it is more or less a downhill ride, which leaves you free to check out the architecture along the coast, or if you are lucky, check out the water for dolphins. Yes! we saw dolphins jumping in the water, about halfway through our ride! So there you go – the perfect day: A bike ride, seals, dolphins and a boat ride. What could be better?

Here are the cool bikes we took on the journey:


Boys bikes, a 1941 Elgin, and a 1954 J.C. Higgins.


Girls bikes, a 1941 Elgin, and a 1965 Foremost.