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Birthday Post Script

I forgot to mention this in my Birthday post:
When we were lighting all of the candles on my cake, I made a snide comment to the effect of,
“I hope I don’t catch on fire, with all these candles!”
at which point my son looked up at me in all seriousness and said:
“Don’t worry Mommy, if you do just: Stop, Drop, and Roll!”

Happy birthday!

So, my birthday was Wednesday, September 2nd. We were going to head to Disneyland for the day, and knew we would be home late, so we had the candles, cake and presents over coffee in the morning.
My lemon cake was baked by my mom who was down visiting, and the kids helped out with the lemon frosting. We used our family’s traditional wooden animal candleholders.
My Daughter thoughtfully placed the Pup & Pony on top!

She also made me an awesome miniature card “No Lion, it’s your Birthday!” that she gave me with a miniature book necklace to match hers. (She bought it with her own money at the Printers Fair)
From my son I got an adorable bird he made me out of paper. (He often calls me Momma Bird!)

My mom got me a great dress and necklace. I got shiny new hubcaps for my yet to be restored Austin A90, as well as a new type gauge and quad guides for my press, from my father in law.
My awesome husband got me a wetsuit.

He also got me a lemon tree, and a galley cabinet (seen here, and next to my press- it just fits!)
After the gift extravaganza, we spent a long, hot, but awesome day at Disneyland. We went on 19 attractions! I didn’t even know that was possible! Apparently everyone is back in school but my kids. They have one last long weekend ahead of them.
Enjoy it, all of you!