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‘Tis the season!

I’ve been super busy gearing up for the start of the holiday season.
This week I sewed Sadie’s costume (photos to follow) She is going as “Raven” from “Teen Titans”. Luckily, Theo was good with just an off the shelf alien costume, that kinda has a retro vibe that I like.
I also had a custom order this week, that I just finished printing. It is a slightly modified version of my Lettuce Celebrate card, reinvented for a baby shower invite.

While I had ink on the press, I proofed my newly carved “Peace” Christmas card. I am waiting on paper, and then will be printing holiday cards for the next few weeks.
Here is another of the christmas line, that I will be printing up fresh stock on in the coming weeks. I will be showing these and more at a holiday show at Viva Pilates Studio in Huntington Beach on November 6th, from 6-9 pm.
I also signed up today for Patchwork Long Beach, so hopefully I will be accepted and be showing there too!
Aaahhhh, so much to do!

Halloween is in the air!

We are finally having some cooler weather, and with the month of October upon us, I have halloween on the brain. I have made my kids costumes, not every year, but definately more often than I’ve bought them. With that in mind I thought I would share these photos of last years costumes.

Sadie came up with the idea after playing with her Playmobil toys: she put a cape from one of the princes onto the deer from another set, and “SuperDeer” was born.

Every Super Hero of course need a Sidekick, and Theo chose “SuperRabbit”.
I don’t think I’ll be able to top these costumes this year, as Sadie has decided she wants to be “Raven” from “Teen Titans” for halloween.
But she’ll always be my SuperDeer!