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Los Angeles Printers Fair

For about 3 years I have been a docent at the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA. These past few weeks I have been super busy gearing up for the L.A. Printers Fair, which took place there yesterday. Aside from printing new designs, I also had to come up with a way to display my cards at the event. After discussing it with my husband, I decided I wanted a “vintage 40’s kitchen” or “inside of a vintage trailer” look to the display. Luckily, my husbands brain has been design-synced to mine since we met back in our college days, so he knew just what I was talking about. We did some sketches and got to work. We are on a budget this summer, like the majority of people I know, but we were able to get two sheets of 1/4″ plywood from the contractor working on the house across from us, which was exactly what we were looking for. After laying out the design in Ilustrator, I tiled out a cutting plan and taped it together. Dave cut a template and routed the side boards, then sealed and shellacked everything. I also printed out an enlarged version of my Pup & Pony Logo, transfered it to the plywood and hand painted the sign.
In addition to the printing display making, I had my entire inventory to score and pack into clear envelopes. The dining room table became packing ground zero.

The packing station

The packing station

Finally the end of the week arrived, ready or not, and we were off to the fair! Here is the final Pup & Pony display on setup day.
We were quite proud of how the display came out!

We were quite proud of how the display came out!

Among the people selling items at the Fair were John Barrett of Letterpress Things, a frequent visitor of the museum (although he lives in Massachusetts!) and fellow docent Marjorie Wilser of Three Toad Press, who shared a space with Dave Robison (also known as the Ink In Tubes guy).
The museum had some of its own collection of things for sale- look at all those presses! And this is just part of what they had for sale!
My best friend Linda helped out at my booth all day (sorry about the blurry photo Linda), and my daughter Sadie tirelessly sold drinks for the museum all day, in the heat, without complaint.
She also bought a cool miniature book from the nice people from San Diego Book Arts, while my son Theo sold little prints for 25 cents that he made himself on my tabletop press.
For a while he was outselling me! A great time was had by all, and I got to meet super nice people, those who I have bought from but never met, like the folks from Keldon Paper, as well as people I look forward to working with in the future, like A&G Engraving, and Envelopments. Thanks to all who helped make this event a success- I can’t wait till next year!


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    Greta said...

    It was so nice to see you and your work at the fair, Wendy. I noticed your display right off and Aaron and I actually discussed it on the way home. Aaron was sure your husband built it for you. It looked great. I could tell a lot of thought went into it. Am I allowed to say it was the best one at the fair?
    Glad we found out about the fair. We had a great time and were very inspired. And hot. It was fun.

    August 31, 2009 at 9:39 am
    linda said...

    You’re welcome! It was fun! I learned lots of cool stuff and met some awesome and funny people. My favorite part was the group wake-up call phone message that I didn’t get till I got home!

    September 1, 2009 at 7:55 am
    wendy said...

    There is a great photo of us and the booth here:
    It looks like we are having fun!

    September 1, 2009 at 8:27 am
    Rachelle W. Chuang said...

    Congratulations Wendy and Dave….your booth was seriously killer. Photos cannot do it justice. I have heard many comments from vendors and visitors alike about your memorable booth and products. Thank you for working so hard for the Museum and for the Fair!

    September 2, 2009 at 2:07 pm
    William Yu said...

    OH MY!! I miss the L.A. Printers Fair…
    The postcards look awesome!!

    September 7, 2009 at 2:37 am