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Tri County Fair: 3 Times the Fun!

So over Labor Day Weekend we took the kids for one last road trip before they go back to school. We headed up to Bishop, CA where I grew up, to attend that marvel of childhood: The Fair! Bishop in fact hosts the fair for all 3 nearby counties, Inyo, Mono and Alpine, and yet it is small enough to have that good old country fair vibe.
Immediately upon walking in, we were greeted by a free raffle table sponsored by McDonalds to win one of 8 kids bikes. I love free. This free came with strings: the kids had to be present to win, and so had to watch the Ronald “comedy” hour. Lucky my husband hates going in the quilt building, (too much fabric in one place gives him nap time flashbacks and he instantly goes comatose), so he stayed outside with the kids, more kids and “Ronald” while I looked at the handmade goods. Walking through the displays of craftiness made me hungry, so I went to get corndogs for the family, and just as I was adding the ketchup, I hear Ronald call out “Theo Emery” What? did I hear that right? I had the camera hanging from my neck, 3 drinks in one hand, and 4 corndogs in the other, so I missed getting photo of Ronald asking Theo if he’s seen Theo Emery, as Theo yells “I AM THEO EMERY! I”M RIGHT HERE!!!” But here is a photo of my little winner, with Ronald and the other lucky winners.
That was the start, and probably the highlight, of a great day.
We also hit the Petting Zoo,
The Trout Derby, where the kids were determined, but the trout just laughed at our efforts, as per usual.
DSC_0739.JPGWe rode the Rides
DSC_0770.JPG And played Games
DSC_0795.JPGDSC_0794.JPG We saw fine displays of home grown awesomeness,
DSC_0801.JPGDSC_0743.JPG And great graphics all around.
DSC_0792.JPG All in all, I’d say we had a blast!


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