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Our House is a very very very fine house (part 2)

(Part one here)
Ok, this post is a bit overdue, but I have been searching through every stack, drawer, and picnic basket (don’t ask) full of photos in my house and come to this conclusion: apparently 15 years ago, when we did the first round of work on our house, I took almost no after photos. Drat!
Here’s what I can share of the “early years” We gutted the bathroom, and demoed an illegal bathroom that was stuck in a corner of the tiny bedroom. While removing some wall board in the bedroom, we uncovered this fabulous Lady & the Tramp wallpaper. Unfortunately it could not be saved.
We pulled out all the nasty carpet in the house and repaired termite damage in various places in the floors. We also pried up the kitchen floor, which you may recall was black and white linoleum that had been painted over in green. Underneath was old growth fir, which along with the rest of the wood floors, we refinished.
We pulled out all the old plumbing ourselves, (in the process discovering the washing machine had been just dumping it’s water into the wall), dug the trenches for new plumbing, and had copper pipes put in. We also got all new wiring. We made new drawers for the kitchen, stripped yards of wallpaper, and painted the inside of the whole house.
The bathroom got new hex tile, vintage clawfoot tub, and a wood wainscot and storage cabinet that we built and painted green. We also added the stained glass in the transom above the door, and I stenciled a duck border too. (To go with my collection of vintage rubber ducks.)
All in all, we worked every weekend for about 4 months before we could even move in. We did everything ourselves, with the exception of the plumbing, electrical and tile install. It was exhausting, but in the end, we had our cute little bungalow, newly painted with colors of green and yellow. (Hard to believe now, but having color on the walls was a big deal 15 years ago).
The year before my daughter was due, we had the outside painted so it went from this:
To this:
The back yard also got landscaped, and went from this:
To this:
We loved our little bungalow (it was just under 1200 square feet) but after Sadie, then Theo came along, we had to decide: Move or remodel? We were worried that if we sold our house to move to a bigger house, whoever bought our house would just level it. We couldn’t let that happen, and were arrogant enough (if I’m being honest) to believe that we at least would try to remodel it “right”.
So stay tuned for Part 3: Going Up!


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