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Halloween is in the air!

We are finally having some cooler weather, and with the month of October upon us, I have halloween on the brain. I have made my kids costumes, not every year, but definately more often than I’ve bought them. With that in mind I thought I would share these photos of last years costumes.

Sadie came up with the idea after playing with her Playmobil toys: she put a cape from one of the princes onto the deer from another set, and “SuperDeer” was born.

Every Super Hero of course need a Sidekick, and Theo chose “SuperRabbit”.
I don’t think I’ll be able to top these costumes this year, as Sadie has decided she wants to be “Raven” from “Teen Titans” for halloween.
But she’ll always be my SuperDeer!


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    greta said...

    Oh how I love homemade costumes! The store variety just don’t compare. I’ve made the kids every year so far. I wonder when that will change?
    For James’ first Halloween he was Elvis. He was 6 months old, had an awesome pompador and chubby cheeks. A white jumpsuit trimmed in gold made him the perfect fat Elvis.
    Here is a link to costumes 2 years ago–Batman and Robin.
    This year James wants to be a scuba diver, WIlliam a sea lion and they want Lilly to be a pink octopus. It should be fun.
    Oh, and I think it says a lot about kids who come up with their own ideas for costumes and wear them amidst all the others. Your kids are great!

    October 5, 2009 at 4:16 pm