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New holiday cards have arrived!

So after a week of carving, paper ordering, ink mixing,
press treadling madness, I am happy to say that I have 4 lovely new holiday cards in stock.

First we have the splendid Seasons Greetings Penguin.
I sent him out as my holiday card last year, and he was quite a hit.
He is hand carved from linoleum in 3 colors, and has hand set type for the “Seasons Greetings”. Seasons is printed in the font “fortune” later called “fortuna” from the Bauer typefoundry. There is an awesome specimen book of it posted over at grain edit. The greetings is set in “thunderbird” that was an antique reissue cast by
Typefounders Phoenix.

Then I printed the jolly Peas on Earth.
For this card I had a magnesium plate made from my original drawing. I used A&G Engraving to make the plate, I met them at the Los Angeles Printers Fair. This was my first time using them, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier. I will definately be back!

Next up is this sweet card that I call “Dreams of Peace”.
It is all hand carved from linoleum, and I love the retro pink and green color scheme. I might be sending these this year, but I haven’t decided yet. I have another card in the works with a deer with his (her?) eyes open, but I haven’t finished carving it all yet.

Last I thought I would revisit my Hop Pea graphic and reinvent it as a Hanukkah card.
The pea image is printed from a polymer plate I had done at Boxcar Press. I then hand set the star, braces, and type which is “Romany” from American Type Founders (ATF). He makes me Hop-Pea!

So which is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know, or even better- go buy some!


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    greta said...

    It is a hard choice. I love the penguin because he is so cute and because I think red and turquoise is one of the best color combos ever.
    But that reindeer is pretty cute too. And I am a sucker for pink. And birds. And green.
    I like them both a lot.
    Your work is great!
    Aaron will be bringing by a linoleum block print for you this Christmas. What can I say, you leave a comment on my blog and you get perks.
    Love all the cards,

    November 9, 2009 at 8:14 pm