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Rolling in the New Year

Isn’t this the best photo ever of my kids? This was shot up in Bishop, the week after Christmas, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

First – Christmas

Here are the kids, cozy in their jammies Christmas morning. We open our presents and stockings first, then Dave’s brother and sister and their families show up around eleven or so, and we get to do the whole thing over.

This Christmas we even had an awesome ukelele jam with Dave’s sister Erna, Sadie, and our niece Lisa.

Theo received a drum set from Daves brother’s family (it used to be Lisa’s – after the piano, and before the uke…) So he had his own “rockin” Christmas.

On the 24th I managed to bang out yet another birdhouse.

This one in the form of a skunk, for my skunk happy sister in law.

I also stitched up a Hello Kitty barette for niece Lisa.

The next day we left for my mom and stepdads house in Bishop, CA.

The kids had a fun week of playing in the snow,

Making cookies with grandma,

And we went up to Mammoth for a day of ice skating.

While at my moms house, I took a photo of this photo of one of my first Christmases:

That’s me on the left with the crossed eyes.
(Glasses for the next 12 years corrected that problem…)

I also took a photo of this photo of Theo’s first Christmas.
So cute, if a little blurry.

Then it was back home for a week of printing and sending out cards
(7 new wholesale accounts- YEA!)

Then came the crazy rainstorm week of 2010, where we who never get any weather had it up to our eyeballs, and hail to boot.

Dave got a month of work with Disney as an Imagineer around Christmas. That modeling project ended, then he had a week off and was called back for another week, and then that ended too. Hopefully this will not be the pattern for the year, but at least it’s better than nothing I suppose.

Now I go back to teaching, and juggling life, this Tuesday.
Wish me luck!


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    greta said...

    Glad you’re back. Fun pictures!! Love that bird house too.

    January 26, 2010 at 4:12 pm