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Food Network Magazine has great taste in cards!

My artichoke card is currently featured in the January/February issue of Food Network Magazine. Rather exciting for me, I must say! These are available on my etsy site.

Here is a sweet response I got from a purchaser:

“…got your card the other day, looks great! I grilled artichokes on one of my first dates with my girlfriend 3 years ago – she had never had one before and she was trying to eat the entire artichoke leaf, we had a good laugh. Ever since, little artichoke gifts have always been something special between us. She loved the card!”

Less than a month until Valentine’s, so get your order in!

Nightmare After Christmas

Last night the kids found my trunk full of 1993 Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles.

Now Sadie’s shelves look like this:

Happy New Year!

After 4 days of working to switch the website over to a new host, finally we are back in business.
A Happy New Year indeed!!