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Busy week

I guess I’m always busy, but this week I was busy with fun stuff. First another trip to the Printing Museum with my class.
We are thinking of starting a “wall of shame” or maybe just a “binder of shame” for prints such as this:

April02Which doesn’t really look bad until you realize it is supposed to say “Wanted, Reward” which is why I later added the image of Einstein.

Then Friday I got to go with Theo and his 3rd grade class to the Aquarium of the Pacific.
April06We all had a blast, as the Aquarium was closed to the public due to the Long Beach Grand Prix. The kids even got some views of the Grand Prix trials over the fence.

Sunday we had a mini Grand Prix of our own
April09 with Pack 007’s Pinewood Derby.

car1This was the first derby for Theo, and he and Dave had been working on the car for about the last month.

April07We weren’t sure it would go very fast, as last weekend they had a trial run, and the car was getting hung up on the rails. But they brought it home, and Theo cut out the bottom more with the dremel.

April08He wound up winning fastest in his bear division!

April10Not bad for a car we didn’t know would run!

His sister even designed a car (built by dad)
hedgie1(it’s a hedgehog)

Hers we WERE expecting to go fast, as it was scoring under 3 seconds in the trials, but it just didn’t perform on race day. When we got home we realized the axle had been bent, and the wheel was rubbing against the frame.
Sorry Sadie, better luck next time!

A week of type & printing

I spent a great deal of time this week at the International Printing Museum. I was also busy this week printing my recipe card for the Letpress Cookbook. (Letpress is a web server for letterpress printers.) I had my type cast at the museum last Saturday, ingredients cast in Ludlow and directions on the Linotype. Unfortunately, the fonts I was thinking of in my head, they did not have at the museum, so I had to redesign on the fly. Once I got the type home, I realized it wouldn’t fit the layout. However, I had 350 recipe cards to get out, printed in 2 colors on the front, and 1 on the back, and had to get printing on at least part of it. I decided to keep the ludlow type, and try to recast the linotype text later in the week. Monday I printed the Ludlow cast “Mandate” font, along with my bird linocut, and hand set “Vaudeville” for the titles.

Tuesday I had a field trip to the museum with both of my classes. (Last semesters trip here) we had a super fun time this semester, printing wood type and cuts on 2 Vandercooks, an 1850’s parlor press, and a proof press.

The Linotype operator wouldn’t be in until Thursday though, so when Thursday rolled around, back to the museum I went. Thursday was also Veterans day, so I had the kids with me, and got them started making some decorations for the Museums’ upcoming Dickens Day event.DickensDay10FlyerV3-791x1024
I finished printing the recipe card Thursday night and Friday, so now that project is at least done.

Saturday, back I was again at the museum, for the Book arts Guild meeting and lecture on Richard Hoffman.
Hoffman was a printer and teacher, known for his use of ornament, such as on this lavish cover
After the lecture we had hands on time printing with some of the museums ornaments,
and a viewing in the gallery of some of Hoffman’s printed works.
This cover was one of my favorites, with its inspired use of swashes.IMG_1559
Just when I was getting ready to leave, some fellow docents were printing a proof of these fabulous initial characters. Deco script initials
Stuff like this gives me chills, I like it so much! Here they are cleaned up a bit in photoshop, and alphabetized: script initials alphabetized Now we at the museum would like to find out where they originated from. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below!

Time flies, but we’re having fun!

Happy Halloween 2010! I thought I would share with you some photos of little miss Sadie circa 1999:Sadie halloween 1999
Sadie butterfly 1999

And little miss Sadie this Halloween, she was sort of an evil fairy:Sadie halloween 2010 The good news is I got out of sewing a costume this year, as even Theo went as something that required no sewing. (I’ll try to post a photo of him later, he was pretty awesome!)

The bad news is that kids grow up so fast it is scary!Scary pumpkin!
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!